Fourth Annual Elder and Special Needs Law Journal Writing Competition

Fourth Annual Elder and Special Needs Law Journal Writing Competition 

The Elder and Special Needs Section of the New York State Bar Association continues to strive to achieve a diverse membership body, in hopes of fostering a rich environment within which ideas are cultivated.

Any law or legal issue affecting seniors and/or persons with disabilities or special needs, with a specific focus on historically underserved populations. Examples include, but are not limited to, access to services and quality of life issues, healthcare and housing.


  • Your article MUST be submitted in the form of a Word document. Please do not use Word Perfect or .docx, since our editing staff does not have tools to support such formats. 
  • Bold the title of your article, and include your name directly underneath, single space the text and double space between paragraphs. 
  • Indent the first line of the paragraph 0.5 (under "Paragraph" see "Special" and choose first line option). All other margins should measure "1.0." The NYSBA will re-configure your article for two columns, as per the format of the Elder and Special Needs Law Journal; as a result, you do not do so. 
  • If your article warrants the use of an organized structure, then please employ A, B, C...for headings, separating the text and bolding the headings. Subheadings should then read as follows: 1, 2, 3...and sub-subheadings a, b, c...Should you choose to utilize bullet points, numbering, or lettering throughout your article please do so consistently. 
  • It is important that your source materials, non-original ideas, and references, etc. must be accurately attributed and in the appropriate Bluebook format. 
  • The article should contain endnotes. Please utilize the automatic endnote function within Word, because it allows for easy editing. 
  • Please include a short biography along with your article of about 500 words, as well as a copy of your most recent working resume. Also include a photo of yourself, so that it may appear alongside your article in either the format of jpeg or tif file. If you do not wish to include your photo, please state such on a separate piece of paper, as it is not required. 
  • Each of your submissions must be fully complete, and you may not re-edit, or send additional information subsequent to receipt by the editorial board. 

All students attending an accredited ABA law school within New York State and recent law graduates seeking employment.

The winners of the “Fourth Annual Elder and Special Needs Law Journal Writing Competition,” will be guaranteed publication within the New York State Bar Association’s Elder and Special Needs Law Journal (ESNLJ). In addition, there will be two $1,000 prizes. Format: Submit the article in the form of a word document. Please do not use Work Perfect or .docx. The article should contain endnotes in Arabic numerals, and all sources should be attributed in Bluebook format.

Contact the Production Editor for further details or your Office of Student Life. Production Editor is Katy Carpenter, Juris Doctor 2016, KCarpenter@WPLawNY.com. To Enter: Please send all submissions to the following email addresses: Judy Nolfo McKenna Judy@McKennalawny.com Tara Anne Pleat TPleat@WPLawNY.com

March 15, 2017 and no extensions will be granted.

Please EMAIL your submissions to BOTH of the following addresses:
TPleat@WPLawNY.com and Judy@McKennalawny.com 

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