$10,000 Intellectual Property Scholarship 
- The Richard Linn American Inn of Court is proud to offer the Mark T. Banner Scholarship. 
- This scholarship is part of The Richard Linn American Inn of Court's commitment to fostering the development of intellectual property lawyers of high ethics, civility and professionalism, and especially those from diverse backgrounds. 
- The recipient of the scholarship will receive $10,000 to be applied to your legal education at Touro! 
- Requirements: This scholarship is available to law students who have entered into a JD program at an ABA-accredited law school in the United States and who will continue in that program through at least the Fall semester 2018. 
- Scholarship recipients are selected by the Mark T. Banner Scholarship review board based on the following criteria:
○ Commitment to the pursuit of a career in intellectual property law.
○ Commitment, qualities and actions toward ethics, civility and professionalism.
○ Academic merit (undergraduate, graduate and law school).
○ Written and oral communication skills.
○ Leadership qualities and community involvement.
○ Member of a historically underrepresented group in IP law (including race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability).
- The application is available on the Linn Inn of Court’s website at http://www.linninn.org/Pages/scholarship.shtml.
- Deadline: Applications need to be submitted by December 8, 2017.


 Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. Law School Diversity Scholarship Program
  • Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. is pleased to announce the sixth annual Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. Law School Diversity Scholarship Program.
  • The scholarship, worth $2,000.00, was established to help law students who are in need of financial assistance to achieve their academic goals and professional dreams.
  • Applications are open to students who are a member of an ethnic, racial, or other minority, or demonstrate a commitment to issues of diversity within their community.
  • The scholarship will be awarded to the student who best exemplifies determination to succeed in both their academic endeavors as well as their inclusion efforts.
  • How to apply: Please submit a completed application form, which can be found on the website at the following link: https://buckfirelaw.com/library/scholarships.cfm#law
  • The one page essay, must describe how you have utilized your time promoting ethnic diversity within your community. Alternatively, you may write about how you will use your law degree to promote ethnic diversity.
  • Deadline: to file an application for the scholarship is April 1, 2018.
  • Questions: please email marketing@buckfirelaw.com
JRC-JTB 2017 Judicial Internship Opportunity 

Interested in applying to a program that offers law students a chance to work with federal court judges across the nation? 
  • Well, you're in luck! The Judicial Resources Committee in partnership with Just The Beginning, is looking for applications for its 2018 summer judicial internship program.
  • The purpose of the JRC-JTB Project is to place highly-qualified minority, underrepresented and economically disadvantaged law students in the chambers of judges for summer internships.
  • The Project has been a tremendous success—in 2017, there were 100 judges participating and over 62 interns were placed with an internship! 
  • Since 2011 the program has placed close to 400 law students in judicial internships nationwide.
  • Application: To apply please visit https://www.tfaforms.com/4642477
  • Deadline: Applications have opened up today, and we will continue accepting applications until January 10th, 2018. 
  • Questions: Please direct any questions pertaining to opportunity to sjidproject@jtb.org


Virtual Career Fair for People with Disabilities 
- Are you a person with a disability who is looking for a career opportunity or internship?
- Well, your in luck! CareerEco, a virtual recruiting platform, is offering a Virtual Career Fair, on November 15, 2017. 
- This is a Virtual Career Fair that is FREE for Touro students and alumni with disabilities to attend.
- This event offers competitive opportunities for every level of candidate, from experienced professionals, recent college graduates and college students with disabilities.
- Touro students will have an opportunity to access opportunities within a wide range of careers as you can chat with employees arcos the nation both in the private and public sector!
- Students will also have the opportunity to meet online with TOP employers across the nation including Amazon, Apple, Citrix, DuPont, Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, US Department of Energy, & More!
- To register to please visit www.careereco.com/events/disability
- For more information: email bender@careereco.com or call 770.980.0088.
Outside Scholarship for 1L Students!
- Wallin & Klarich, a criminal defense law firm in Southern California, has established a scholarship fund for anyone who is interested in becoming a criminal defense lawyer and is about to enter their first year of law school.
- This scholarship, $2,500, is awarded to an entering first-year law school student who overcame obstacles to be admitted and now faces financial burden associated with receiving a degree. A successful applicant must be interested in practicing criminal justice in the future.
-  The requirements of the essay must address the following questions in a single 1000-1300 word essay:
  1. Why do you want to become a criminal justice attorney?
  2. What challenge(s) have you faced in order to get to where you are today?
  3. How have these challenges shaped who you are, and how will you apply what you have learned from these challenges toward a career in criminal justice?
- Winner of the Spring 2018 Wallin & Klarich Scholarship will receive: A $2,500.00 check to be used toward law school tuition or law school required books.
- Deadline: Application must be submitted to scholarship@wklaw.com no later than November 30, 2017.
- Please click on https://www.wklaw.com/scholarship/ for more details on how to apply for this amazing opportunity!


Catholic Lawyers Guild of Queens County Scholarship Announcement!
  • The Catholic Lawyers Guild of Queens County Inc. is proud to announce a Three Thousand Dollar ($3,000.00) financial need-based scholarship!
  • To be eligible to apply for a Catholic Lawyers Guild of Queens County Inc. scholarship, applicants must be:
    1. Full-time law student with a GPA of 2.5 or higher
    2. A practicing Roman Catholic; and
    3. A member of a Roman Catholic Parish.
    • In addition to one of the following criteria:
      1. Be a resident of Queens County, New York; or
      2. If not a resident of Queens County, New York, the law school that you are attending must be in Queens County, New York; or
      3. Be available to attend our Communion Breakfast on December 17, 2017, to receive Scholarship if you are a successful Applicant.
    • DEADLINE: Complete the Scholarship Application (attached HERE) along with required and return it to the following address with a postmark date no later than December 4,2017.
    • Mailing address: Zenith T. Taylor, Esq. President - Catholic Lawyers Guild of Queens County 118-35 Queens Blvd., Suite 1240 Forest Hills, New York 11375
    • Questions: Please direct any questions pertaining to this Scholarship and the application process to queenscounty@catholiclawyerguild.com.


Special Invitation: Partnership with National Hispanic Pre-Law Conference and Joint National Black and Hispanic Pre-Law Conference
  • The 3rd Annual National Hispanic Pre-Law Conference (http://www.hispanicprelawconference.org) and The 3rd Annual Joint National Black and Hispanic Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair (http://www.blackandhispanicprelawconference.org) are both fast approaching! 
  • The Third Annual Joint National Black and Hispanic Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair 2017 is a unique major pre-law event that provides important information, resources, and connections for both aspiring Black and Latinx lawyers. 
  • The events will take place on Friday, November 10th, 2017 and Saturday, November 11th, 2017 at New York University School of Law in New York, New York. 
  • Please click HERE- http://ow.ly/JWlI30g9oZj to register for these great events!



Attention ALL Touro Law Students! The Law Offices of Karen Goldberg is offering a $1000 scholarship to a student interning at a public defender office during the school year or upcoming summer.

  • This scholarship is judged primarily on applicant’s commitment to indigent defense work and financial need, but does not exclude achievement standards.
  • Applicants for the scholarship can be submitted by any law student, college student, or high school student who is presently or will be interning at a public defender office during the school year or upcoming summer.
  • A transcript must be attached with counselor or school representative signature for application to be considered.
  • Deadline: to submit an application is April 29, 2018.
  • Please click on http://kgdefenselaw.com/scholarship-application/ for more details on how to apply for this amazing opportunity!
 2018 William W. Greenhalgh Student Writing Competition
  • American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section is offering a $2,500 cash prize, travel to the award presentation, and a potential publication of the winning entry in the ABA Criminal Justice Section Magazine! In addition, all entrants will receive a one year’s free full membership in the Criminal Justice Section.
  • The focal point of the writing competition is the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.” The American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section has asked potential applicants to analyze if the use a cell-site simulator constitute an “unreasonable” search in Fourth Amendment terms.
  • DEADLINE: All entries must be received by the editor no later than July 1, 2018, 11:59 pm CST.
  • Questions?: E-mail Erin Remotigue, editor at Erin.Remotigue@americanbar.org call (312) 988-6089.
  • Please click on HERE for more details on how to apply for this amazing opportunity!


  • Looking to make valuable connections, share ideas, and contribute to improving the legal profession around the world?
  • Well, you're in luck! The New York County Lawyer Association Membership will be holding the New York County Lawyer Association Mentor Auction on November 8th at 6 PM!
  • Location: 14 Vesey Street, New York, N.Y. 10007
  •  The event is a very unique opportunity to engage with a more experienced attorney and member of NYCLA in the area of your students’ desired expertise.
  • The Mentor Auction provides a rare opportunity for members to bid on an exclusive mentoring experience with leading legal professionals. 
  • Fee: This is a free event to NYCLA Members. Student Membership in NYCLA is $30 per year BUT as a special offer to your students, the remaining months of 2017 free with a new student membership in NYCLA.
  • Membership for NYCLA: create an account at http://www.nycla.org/NYCLA/nycla/Contacts/RenewNow.aspx
  • RSVP: Space is limited so sign up at http://ow.ly/mWk630g6eIF today!
  • Market.biz will be offering a scholarship called “Market.biz $1500 Scholarship".
  • The scholarship is for $1500.00 and is renewable for each year you are in law school!
  • How to Apply: Write an essay about any of these three topics:
    • 1. How has technology changed the face of market research through the years?
    • 2. The Impact of Online Market Research on Society.
    • 3. Identify two poor market research techniques, and suggest how they could be improved?

  • It should be minimum 1,000 words long. Use facts, medical advice, products, references - whatever you need to create a useful text.
  • How to Submit: Send the PDF document to us at admin@market.biz with email title: “$1500 Scholarship Application”.
  • Deadline: Before 30th June 2017 for fall 2017 and October 30th, 2017 for spring 2018 scholarship (also every year).
  • Additional instructions and eligibility requirements can be seen by visitinghttps://market.biz/scholarship/


The Izenda Embedded BI & Analytics Scholarship 
  • The Izenda Embedded BI & Analytics Scholarship is a selective $1,000 scholarship for outstanding undergraduate or graduate students. Founded in 2015, the scholarship awards one student a year pursuing a career in leveraging analytics to improve decision making and outcomes in the U.S. The scholarship was established with the intent of promoting students’ academic excellence and providing them the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  • Eligibility Requirements:
    • This scholarship is open to undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled in an accredited U.S. college or university.
    • Applicants must be a US citizen, national, or permanent resident.
    • The work you submit should be entirely your own. Do not submit coursework you were assigned in a class you have taken.
    • To be eligible for the scholarship, all items must be submitted by March 31, 2018. Please note that your submission must be your own work and will become the property of Izenda, Inc.
  • Application Guidelines:
    • Please complete each section of the application form— all fields are required.
    • To be eligible for consideration, please explain how data will be important in your expected future career. This should be 500 words or less.
  • Link to application: https://www.izenda.com/embedded-bi-and-analytics-scholarship/
  • Deadline: March 31, 2018


Lalco Interiors Scholarship Program 2017-18
  • Lalco Interiors Scholarship Program is offering a $500 scholarship, open to all students across the world, who are 18+ years of age and are enrolled in any School/College/University for the year 2017-18.
  • How to Apply: Submit a 1500 words essay on either one of the topic mentioned below: (Topic 1- What is the most important object in your home and why? OR (Topic 2- What is you favorite corner of your home and why?)
  • All applications will be reviewed by an expert panel constituted by the directors of Lalco Interiors and an external expert. Applications will be judged on Creativity & Originality.
  • Submission process: Send an email to scholarship@lalcointeriors.com with the subject line – 'Application for Scholarship Program 2017-18'Include the following details in the email: (1. Your full name) (2. Passport size photo) (3. Name of the school/college and course/program in which you are enrolled for the current academic year) (4. Your contact details (include your email ID), where we can reach you if you are awarded the scholarship).
  • Deadline: May 15, 2018. The Winner will be declared on 15th June 2018 at 11:00 am (GMT)
  • You can view the scholarship details here – http://www.lalcointeriors.com/#scholarship


 Don H. Liu Scholars Program
  • This year, the Selection Committee of the Don H. Liu Scholars Program will select up to 3 scholars! Each scholar will be awarded $15,000 each and have access to prominent mentors, including Don H. Liu, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel of Target Corporation.  Additionally, scholars will have assistance in securing summer internships. 
  • The Program seeks to identify and cultivate future Asian American leaders in the legal community to address the single most important reality facing Asian American professionals today -- the barrier to advancement.  
  • Eligibility: To be eligible for the Program, the applicant must be of Asian descent and be enrolled full-time as a 1L (and be expected to graduate in 2020) in a law school in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania or the District of Columbia. 
  • Deadline: Application materials are due on November 17, 2017.
  • Details and more information about the Program can be on  http://www.donhliuscholars.org/ and on the online brochure Don H. Liu Scholars Program Brochure.
2018 Donald C. Alexander 
Tax Writing Competition!

  • The Federal Bar Association Section on Taxation is sponsoring the Donald C. Alexander Tax Law Writing Competition for law students and is offering cash prizes AND a trip to Washington D.C.!
  • Requirements: Students may submit any original paper concerning federal taxation. Papers must be (i) a minimum of 20 pages and a 50 of fifty pages, including footnotes and (ii) double spaced, with one-inch margins and twelve-point Times New Roman font (though footnotes may be single spaced and in ten point font).
  • Winners & Prizes: Two winning papers will be selected by the officers of the Federal Bar Association Section on Taxation. The authors of the first place and second place papers will receive: (i) A cash prize ($2,000 for first place and $1,000 for second place); and (ii) A trip to the FBA’s Annual Tax Law Conference in Washington, DC, in March 2018 (value not to exceed $700), where each winner will be presented with a commemorative plaque and a complimentary, one-year membership in the Federal Bar Association Section on Taxation.
  • Entry Process: Submissions must be emailed by midnight on January 8, 2018, to FBATaxWritingCompetition@gmail.com, with the subject line “Donald C. Alexander Tax Law Writing Competition.” The submission must be emailed in PDF format with any identifying information removed from the paper.
    • Students must also attach a completed PDF of the below Warranty and Authorization To Publish (i) guaranteeing that the paper has not been published or selected for publication as of the date the paper is submitted to this competition and (ii) agreeing to permit the FBA Section on Taxation to publish the paper.
  • Please click on HERE for more information about how to apply for this amazing opportunity!



  • The New York Bar Foundation has announced that applications are being accepted for the 2018 Trusts and Estates Law Section Fellowship.  
  • The $5,000.00 Fellowship will be awarded to three second-year (2L) law students who are currently enrolled in law schools in the State of New York to work in trusts and estates law positions in the public sector in the State of New York during the summer of 2018. 
  • Through the Fellowship, the student will be provided a meaningful and appropriately supervised work experience in the Chambers of the Honorable Margaret C. Reilly of Nassau County Surrogate’s Court OR in the Chambers of the Honorable Rita Mella of New York County Surrogate’s Court.
  • The ultimate goal of the Fellowship is to create a network and forge relationships among trusts and estates law attorneys throughout the State of New York.
  • How to apply: Click HERE to access to the fellowship application!
  • Deadline: All hard copy material submissions must be postmarked on or before February 7, 2018, OR you may email the materials to ldorr@tnybf.org no later than 4:00 p.m. on or before February 7, 2018.


  • The Legal Aid Society, in partnership with the Attorneys of Color, Black Attorneys of Legal Aid, and LGBTQ Caucuses of the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys (ALAA), welcomes 1L and 2L law students to attend our Fifth Annual Diversity Fair.
  • The Diversity Fair will offer law students the opportunity to network with Legal Aid Society supervisors and staff attorneys who are people of color and/or LGBT, and learn more about internship and job opportunities at The Legal Aid Society.
  • Networking opportunities are available for persons from all diverse communities, including networking with attorneys and supervisors who are People of Color and/or LGBT. 
  • Date: Monday, November 6, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Location: Debevoise & Plimpton, LLP, 919 Third Avenue, New York, NY
  • RSVP: to recruitmentbcs@legal-aid.org by October 30, 2017.


Announcing NAWL's New 3L Mentorship Program!
  • Attention 3L female students!
  • Are you looking to grow a professional network and also receive practical advice as you begin the transition from law school to full-time practice? 
  • You're in luck! The National Association of Women Lawyers is happy to announce its brand new 3L Mentorship Program in New York City!
  • The 3L Mentorship Program creates an opportunity for experienced attorneys to provide professional advice, encouragement, and support to female law students beginning in their final year of law school and continuing throughout their first year of practice.
  • The program is designed to foster the next generation of female attorneys by helping students to navigate the often-confusing transition from law school into their first year of practice. 
  • How to register: Registration for mentees is now open. Registration for mentees will close on Friday, October 6, 2017. Interested students may apply online here http://www.nawl.org/e/in/eid=113
  • The mentorship cycle will begin in October 2017 and continue through August 2019. 
  • For more information, email NAWL's Member Services & Program Manager Kelsey Vuillemot at kvuillemot@nawl.org


Application Deadline Extended at Career Fair for Select Positions!
  • Did you miss the prescheduled interview application deadline for the Conference & Career Fair?
  • You're in luck! The deadline for positions with the organizations below has been extended to Wednesday, September 20 at 11:59 p.m.!
    • Alaska Legal Services Corporation
    • Farmworker Justice
    • Federal Public Defender of Kansas
    • Gideon's Promise
    • Legal Aid of Northwest Texas
    • Legal Assistance of Western New York
    • Maricopa County Public Defender's Office
    • Mississippi Office of Capital Post-Conviction Counsel
    • Network for Victim Recovery
    • New Hampshire Legal Assistance
    • Northwest Justice Project
    • Philadelphia Legal Assistance
    • Public Justice Center
    • Southern Environmental Law Center
    • State of Alaska-Office of Public Advocacy
    • Wisconsin Judicare
  • This select group of employers have opted to reopen their application window as they are still looking for more candidates to fill their interview schedules.
  • Be sure to check out the registration and application guide to walk you through the process. Please remember that registration is a three-step process, you'll set up a profile, register for the event and then begin to apply to jobs and internships.
  • Questions: please email careerfair@equaljusticeworks.org.
Advocates for Children of New York-Internship Open House

  • Interested in education law and direct legal services?
  • On WednesdayOctober 4th from 5:30pm to 6:30pm Advocates for Children of New York (AFC) will be hosting an Open House Information Session for law students interested in AFC’s Summer Legal Internship in Education Advocacy Program
  • The Open House will give law students the opportunity to learn about AFC, meet AFC staff, hear from former interns and ask questions about the internship program.
  • Location: 151 West 30th Street, 4th Floor. If students cannot come in person, they are welcome to participate via Google Hangout!
  • To reserve a spot: RSVP to Harold Hinds at hhinds@advocatesforchildren.org. Students planning on attending via Google Hangout should RSVP at least one day in advance.
  • Questions: feel free to contact me at hhinds@advocatesforchildren.org or Rohini Singh at rsingh@advocatesforchildren.org.
  • Deadline: for the first round of internship program applications is Tuesday, October 9, 2016 at 11:59pm.


The Columbian Lawyers Scholarship Corporation, Queens County Annual Scholarship

The Columbian Lawyers Scholarship Corporation is now accepting applications for their annual scholarships to be awarded in December 2017.
  • Amount: The scholarships are generally in the sum of $4,000 to $5,000 for each recipient. There are typically (3) three scholarships offered each year
  • Criteria: The award is based upon need, scholarship, and extracurricular activities.
  • Requirements: Applicants must reside in Queens County. The student must also have Italian ancestry.
  • Deadline: November 21, 2017.
  • Application Requests: Please email laurie@rcsklaw.com or utilize attached application.
  • Where to submit application: Please submit the Columbian Lawyers Association Inc. Scholarship Application and all supporting material to the to the Columbian Lawyers Scholarship Committee, Attn: Thomas J. Rossi, Esq., 42-24 Douglaston Parkway, Douglaston NY 11363. 


  • Market.biz will be offering a scholarship called “Market.biz $1500 Scholarship".
  • The scholarship is for $1500.00 and is renewable for each year you are in law school!
  • How to Apply: Write an essay about any of these three topics:
    • 1. How has technology changed the face of market research through the years?
    • 2. The Impact of Online Market Research on Society.
    • 3. Identify two poor market research techniques, and suggest how they could be improved?

  • It should be minimum 1,000 words long. Use facts, medical advice, products, references - whatever you need to create a useful text.
  • How to Submit: Send the PDF document to us at admin@market.biz with email title: “$1500 Scholarship Application”.
  • Deadline: Before 30th June 2017 for fall 2017 and October 30th, 2017 for spring 2018 scholarship (also every year).
  • Additional instructions and eligibility requirements can be seen by visiting https://market.biz/scholarship/
  • For the first time the Puerto Rican Bar Association, through its scholarship fund, will be awarding legacy scholarships in celebration of its 2017 Puerto Rican Bar Association Diamond Jubilee.
  • Each scholarship recipient will receive Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) yearly until graduation. The scholar will receive Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) per semester.
  • Requirements: To receive the award, the scholarship recipient must be of Puerto Rican or Latino descent, remain in good academic standing, and enrolled full-time at an accredited American Bar Association Law School in New York State.
  • Applicants must submit: An essay of 2,500 words or less discussing the importance of having Puerto Rican and Latino attorneys in the legal profession.
  • Where to submit application: All applications, essays, and required materials must be submitted in PDF format to Stephanie Correa, Esq. at corresponding-secretary@prbany.com and 5 hard copies with 5 USB drives or CDs to Carmen A. Pacheco, Esq., 340 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11201.
  • Deadline: TWO DAYS AWAY. September 15, 2017.
  • Additional instructions and eligibility requirements can be seen by visiting http://prbascholarshipfund.org/how-to-apply/
$1500.00 (renewable) Scholarship Announcement
  • choosebestmattress.com is offering a scholarship called “ChooseBestMattress's $1500 Scholarship".
  • The scholarship is for $1500.00 and is renewable for each year you are in law school!
  • How to Apply: Write an essay about 1) "Tips to get A Good Night Sleep" or 2) “Correlation Between Mattress and Sleep”. It should be maximum 1,000 words long. Use facts, medical advice, products - whatever you need to create a useful essay.
  • How to Submit: Send the PDF document to Richard: richardmorse44@gmail.com with email title: “$1500 Scholarship Application”.
  • Deadline of submission: Before 30th October 2017 (Also Every Year).
  • Additional instructions and eligibility requirements can be seen by visiting https://choosebestmattress.com/scholarship/


Summer Law Student Intern Program in Education Advocacy

Are you interested in experiencing a summer internship that will allow you to work closely with children?

  • You're in luck! Advocates for Children of New York is seeking applications for their 2018 summer legal internship program in education advocacy! 
  • In addition, AFC is also seeking spanish-speaking law students for its Summer Law Intern Program in Education Advocacy!
  • Who is AFC?: AFC is a not-for-profit organization that works to ensure a high-quality education for New York City students who face barriers to academic success, focusing on students from low-income backgrounds.
  • Interns will have the opportunity to work on a wide range of practice areas involving education advocacy including disability rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, mental health advocacy, charter school law, the school to prison pipeline, poverty law, and racial justice. 
  • This unique experience will allow you to work throughout all stages of representation including case investigation, settlement negotiations, and administrative hearing preparation.
  • Deadline: Second-year students are strongly encouraged to apply in the first round of applications due by October 10th at 11:59pm.
  • The final application deadline for all law students is January 3, 2018,11:59 pm.
  • How to apply: Please e-mail your cover letter and resume to summerlawintern@advocatesforchildren.org.
  • Questions: Feel free to contact me at hhinds@advocatesforchildren.org or Rohini Singh at rsingh@advocatesforchildren.org.
  • Below, please find PDFs for more details on AFC and how to apply.


Attention Touro Law Students!
  • Thinking about becoming a criminal defense attorney? 
  • Want to better understand the consequences of our currents administrations travel ban policy? 
  • Touro Law Center is proud to announce that alumni, Cory Morris, and Zachary Sega, a rising 2L, have written a terrific article in the Suffolk Trial Lawyer, which dissects the ramifications of the holding from Jae Lee v. United States, a case that focuses on the issue of deportation for noncitizens. 
  • To read the full edition of the Suffolk Trial Lawyer, click on the below link! (Article can be found on pages 18 and 23).

  • The Queens County Bar Association LGBT Committee in cooperation with the LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York will be holding the third annual mixer/networking event for law students living in Queens and neighboring areas.
  • The event will be taking place in TWO DAYS! On September 13, 2017, from 7:00 - 8:30 pm.
  • Don't miss out on this wonderful networking opportunity!
  • See attached flyer for more information.


  • The Albany office of the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York is seeking a candidate ASAP to participate in the application process for an exciting fellowship opportunity!
  • If the proposal is accepted, a talented new lawyer, committed to protecting and furthering the rights of LGBTQ people, will have the opportunity to lead an innovative project in the Capital District.
  • Criteria: To be eligible for the fellowship, candidates MUST graduate law school prior to the start of the fellowship (September 2018). Candidates MUST NOT have held a full-time permanent public interest attorney position previously, or participated in any other major fellowship program (except EJW AmeriCorps Fellowship).   
  • Salary$44,368 to $50,184 DOE.  LASNNY is a unionized program with excellent health insurance and fringe benefits, generous holidays and leave time. 
  • DeadlineSeptember 17, 2017 - Applications will be reviewed upon receipt
  • To apply: Please send letter of interest, with resume, writing sample, and three references to both Geri Pomerantz, Managing Attorney, at gpomerantz@lasnny.org  and Margaret Wood at mwood@lasnny.org
  • To learn more about the Equal Justice Works fellowship see http://www.equaljusticeworks.org/post-grad/equal-justice-works-fellowships
  • For more information about LASNNY’s proposed LGBTQ Rights Project, contact Geri Pomerantz at 518-212-3798. 

  • Looking for a great resource for your job search?
  • The New York City Bar is inviting recent law graduates and current law school students to a one-day boot camp that provides pivotal career planning information and skill building.
  • Whether you are seeking a job at a large or small firm, government or public interest organization, hanging out your own shingle, or not sure what your next step should be, these sessions will provide information that will help you achieve success.
  • Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    Fee: Students and Alumni of Sponsoring Law Schools admission is FREE!
  • Questions: Please contact the Membership Department at 212.382.6665 or membershipservices@nycbar.org. 
  • Registration information: CLICK HERE!