Examination Instructions - Please Read Carefully

Final exams are only one week away.  Please read the following exam instructions carefully.  These instructions will also be posted in the classrooms during exam period.  Good luck on your exams!


Exams are either closed book, restricted or open book. If closed, you may not use any materials except the exam, the exam booklets, and scrap paper. If restricted, you may use only those materials designated by the professor in the exam instructions. With closed and restricted exams, you may keep your coat on the back of your chair, and a pocketbook under your seat. Everything except coats, pocketbooks and the material specifically designated by the professor for use during the exam must be brought up to the front of the room. For open book exams, you may not use material on your computer. All information on your computer must be printed in advance and brought with you to the exam. Open book exam materials may not be shared.

You may not be in possession of any electronic device with data storage capability, unless expressly authorized by the professor for use during the exam. These devices must be shut off and put away.

Proctors will distribute exam books, scrap paper and exams. All materials must be left face down. No writing of any kind may take place until the start of the exam is announced. Computer users must start up the exam software before the exam begins. No other typing is permitted. Please do not ask the proctors for additional bluebooks before the start of an exam. If/when you need another blue book, please go to the front of the room.

You may leave the exam room only to use the bathroom. Only one student may leave the room at a time, and bathroom use should not exceed 5 minutes. When you use the bathroom you must bring all exam materials to the proctor’s desk, sign out indicating the time on the bathroom log and sign back in again, indicating the time when you return. You may not communicate with anyone while going to or from the bathroom or while in the bathroom and you must proceed to the bathroom that is closest to the examination room. Library bathrooms are always off limits during exams.

You may use only the scrap paper and exam booklets authorized for the exam. Pages may not be torn out of the booklets for any reason. Students who finish the exam early must take all of their belongings with them when they leave the exam room and may not return to the exam room for any reason until the exam is over. When time is called at the end of the exam all writing and typing must stop instantly. Students who continue to write or type after time has been called are subject to disciplinary action. If you have to write anything in your exam booklets, for example your exam number, you may only do so in front of a proctor. Computer users should complete the procedural steps necessary to upload their exams. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO UPLOAD YOUR ANSWER!

When the exam is over, all exam material must be turned in – whether used or unused. No exam related material may be removed from the exam room. You must sign out of the exam at the Proctor’s desk. Please sign legibly next to your name. You must also indicate how many exam booklets you are submitting.

A Standard English dictionary is available at the proctor’s desk. You may consult the dictionary one at a time. No notes may be taken while consulting the dictionary, although students may write down the spelling of a word.

You must wait for the Proctor’s signal to begin the exam.


Education Law Association, in cooperation with the Journal of Law and Education, sponsors the George Jay Joseph Education Law Writing Award, an annual student writing competition in education law. Law students may submit papers for consideration by July 15, 2010. For more information, please click on the picture.

5th Annual Sarah Weddington Prize for New Scholarship in Reproductive Rights

Law Students for Reproductive Justice is collaborating with the Center for Reproductive Rights in an effort to encourage legal scholarship applying a human rights framework to issues in reproductive justice.  The theme of this year’s 5th Annual Sarah Weddington Prize for New Scholarship in Reproductive Rights is Reproductive Rights as Human Rights.  For more information about the scholarship, please click on the picture.  Submissions are due on March 5, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. EST.


ALI-ABA Course of Study

ALI-ABA Continuing Professional Education has approved a limited number of full-tuition scholarships to allow deserving law students to attend the ALI-ABA Course of Study, Environmental Law, to be held Wednesday – Friday, February 3 – 5, 2010, at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda near Washington, D.C. For a PDF file of this announcement describing this course, please click here. More information can also be found at http://www.ali-aba.org/CR025.

ALI-ABA will accept up to three scholarship nominations of full-time students currently matriculated at Touro Law Center. One student may attend in person; the other two will be able to watch the live video webcast of the course. Unfortunately, no funds are available to defray students’ travel and on-site expenses in connection with this course.

If you are interested, please contact Marie Koch, Director of Student Services and Scholarship Aid via email at mkoch@tourolaw.edu. 

Lilith Seeks Interns!

The Lilith Fund is now seeking interns for the Spring semester and beyond.

Internship opportunity to develop leadership skills in the reproductive justice movement. The Lilith Fund, a volunteer-run nonprofit that helps low-income women access abortion services, is seeking interns for the Spring semester 2010. Applicants should have a proven commitment to reproductive justice and women’s health and be responsible self-starters. This is wonderful opportunity to play a critical role in the functioning of a non-profit organization and see how a Board of Directors works while making a direct difference in the lives of women.

Internships are in the areas of event coordination/fundraising, outreach/public relations, research, client engagement & hotline, or a specially-designed project.

All interns are required to undergo a hotline training and take at least two hotline shifts per semester as appropriate, attend once-monthly board meetings, meet regularly with assigned Board members and assist with minimal administrative tasks as needed. Internships are unpaid, but school credit possible. The Lilith Fund is based in Austin, but interns can be located in other Texas cities.

To apply email a letter of interest, resume and completed application to info@lilithfund.org. Interns are admitted on a rolling basis.

New Friday's in Central Islip

The new Friday’s in the Target shopping center off of Carleton Avenue in Central Islip will be serving lunch and dinner on both Friday and Saturday, November 27 and 28, without a charge. They are training their new employees and need people to serve.

If you are interested, you must make a reservation. Please call (631) 582-5701 and ask for April.


Advanced Persuasive Writing & Advanced Writing Requirement Workshop

The syllabi for both courses are posted on the TWEN Spring 2010 registration site under "Documents." The grade in Persuasion is made up of 5 assignments (that you choose from 8 available). One is worth 40%; the other 4 are worth 15% each. Nothing is as long as your final memo or appellate brief in Legal Process.


2010 Judge Bernard S. Meyer Scholarship

The New York Bar Foundation is pleased to announce it is accepting applications for the 2010 Judge Bernard S. Meyer Scholarship

Please click here for guidelines about the scholarship along with information about Judge Meyer; Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein, P.C., the law firm that established the scholarship in 2004; and The New York Bar Foundation. 

The application deadline is Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 Professor William R. Ginsberg Memorial Essay Contest

The Environmental Law Section of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) is sponsoring the 23rd Annual Professor William R. Ginsberg Memorial Essay Contest. 

Students must submit their entries by June 1, 2010. 

For more information, please click on the picture.

Columbian Lawyer's Scholarship

The Columbian Lawyer's Scholarship Corporation, Queen's County is now accepting applications for their annual scholarships to be awarded at their Christmas Luncheon on December 5, 2009. Applications will be accepted through November 30, 2009.

The Scholarships are generally in the sum of $3,000-$4,000 for each recipient. Typically three scholarships are offered each year. The award is based upon need, scholarship and extra-curricular activities.

Applicants must either attend law school in Queens County or reside in Queens County and attend law school elsewhere.  The student must also be of Italian ancestry.

To apply, please click on the picture.


Graduating Early?

Remember that you'll need to have written permission to graduate a semester early and to take American Legal Studies and American Legal Studies Practicum before New York Practice.

To make an appointment with Dean McGaugh or Dean Chite to talk about early graduation, please call Student Services at 631.761.7050.



Are you interested in serving on a Faculty Committee?

If so, the Office of Student Services is still looking for a few more students. Below is a list of committees for which we need student volunteers. The number next to each committee indicates how many spots are available. Please respond to Marie Koch via email at mkoch@tourolaw.edu and indicate which committee you would like to serve, along with a short paragraph on why you wish to serve, by Friday, November 13. You may choose more than one. You will receive an email to confirm if you are selected for the committee(s).

Academic Policy Committee (1)

Admissions Committee (1)

Career Development/Clerkships (2)

Conduct Review Committee (1)

New Technologies and Library (1)

Public Interest Law Fellowship Program (1)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

On the evening of December 15, 2009, the New York City Bar will be holding its Annual Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Distinguished Lecture on Women and the Law. This lecture has been established to recognize Justice Ginsburg’s outstanding contribution to the advancement of women’s rights and her achievements as a practicing lawyer, law professor and judge.

This year's lecture will be presented by Melanne Verveer, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues.

The lecture will be preceded by a buffet reception at 6:00 p.m. The Lecture will begin at 7:00 p.m.

There are ten complementary tickets available for students. If you are interested, please respond to Marie Koch, Director of Student Services and Scholarship Aid, via email at mkoch@tourolaw.edu by Friday, November 20. It is first-come, first-served.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Do you have a place to spend your Thanksgiving holiday?

If not, the Office of Student Services would like to match you up with other students that do not have a place to go, are too busy studying to go home, cannot afford to go home for the weekend, etc. Regardless of the reason, we would like to reimburse 20 students up to $25 each to either cook or go out to dinner together. You can get together as a whole or in small groups.

If you are interested, please contact Marie Koch, Director of Student Services and Scholarship Aid, via email at mkoch@tourolaw.edu. It’s first-come, first-served so let us know as soon as possible.

We wish you all a very happy and safe holiday!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Save-the-Date for the Fourth Annual Night Owl Breakfast

The Night Owl breakfast is hosted by the Office of Student Services to wish all of the students well as they begin the exam season.

The “breakfast” will take place on Thursday, December 3 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. in the FCR/BDR. We will have breakfast items (coffee, tea, bagels, eggs, etc.) catered to the students and served by the faculty and deans.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Relax Your Way to an “A”
Yoga Series

Touro Law Center is offering yoga classes to students and staff free of charge!
Sponsored by the Office of Student Services
Jackie Morrison, owner and chief instructor at the Long Island Center for Yoga, is offering classes on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 to 1:20 p.m. in the Multi-Faith Meeting Room. The remaining classes will be held on Tuesday, November 17, Thursday, November 19, Tuesday, November 24 and Tuesday, December 1. *The Yoga session on Thursday, November 12 has been canceled.*

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat. Beginners are welcome!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Advanced Writing Requirement Workshop

Advanced Writing Requirement (AWR) Workshop will be offered Thursdays this spring from 3:35-4:25 p.m. This workshop will cover a basic research refresher, introduction to scholarly writing, and fundamental writing skills needed to complete the Advanced Writing Requirement at a B+ level or higher. It is a one-credit P/NC course. The course helps you complete the AWR; it does not satisfy the AWR by itself.

The syllabus and course policies are posted on the course TWEN page under Advanced Writing Requirement Workshop. Enrollment is by application only. If you would like to apply for this course, please click here or send me an e-mail at tmcgaugh@tourolaw.edu.

Students will be selected for the course according to the following criteria.

1. Highest priority is given to students who are in their last or next-to-last semester, who have yet to complete their AWR, and who think they could use help with their basic writing skills before graduation.

2. High priority is given to students in their second-year (FT) or third-year (PT) who have a referral from a professor or the writing center and who are currently enrolled in an Independent Study or course through which they plan to complete their Advanced Writing Requirement. High priority will also be given to students who self-identify as having difficulty with writing.

3. Lower priority will be given to students who are working on their AWR but do not evidence difficulty with the mechanics of writing or research, whether or not they have a referral from a professor.

4. Lowest priority will be given to students who are not working on their AWR but need a one credit course for their schedule. Students in this category will only be added if there are fewer than 5 students in categories 1-3 already enrolled on the first day the course meets (in the second week of class).

If you would like to apply for this course, please click here or send me an e-mail at tmcgaugh@tourolaw.edu.



The Federal Bar Association Section on Taxation Hosts an Annual Writing Competition

The Federal Bar Association Section on Taxation hosts an annual writing competition and invites students of the law school to participate. All full-time law students currently seeking a juris doctor or master of laws at an accredited law school are eligible to enter the competition. Students may submit any original, unpublished paper concerning federal taxation.

Papers must be a minimum of twenty pages and a maximum of thirty pages (double spaced, twelve point font, and one-inch margins) and must be postmarked or e-mailed by January 15, 2010. Additionally, each student must sign and return the warranty, please click on the picture for the form. If mailing submissions, please use the following address:

Federal Bar Association
Section on Taxation
Attn: Writing Competition
1220 N. Fillmore Street, Suite 444
Arlington, VA 22201

If e-mailing submissions, please e-mail Adrienne Woolley at awoolley@fedbar.org, with the subject line “Writing Competition.”

Two winning papers will be selected by the Officers of the Federal Bar Association Section on Taxation.

The author of the First Place paper will receive:
(i) A $2,000 cash prize; and
(ii) A trip to the FBA’s Annual Tax Law Conference in Washington, DC, on March 5, 2010 (value not to exceed $700), where the First Place winner will be presented with a Commemorative Plaque and complimentary one-year membership in the Federal Bar Association Section on Taxation

The author of the Second Place paper will receive:
(i) A $1,000 cash prize; and
(ii) A Commemorative Plaque and complimentary one-year membership in the Federal Bar Association Section on Taxation;

Both the First Place and Second Place papers may be published in the Federal Bar Association Section on Taxation Report.

TOURO LAW STUDENTS - Take a Moment to Help Our Community

TOURO LAW STUDENTS - Take a Moment to Help Our Community
(And help yourself by gaining Pro Bono Credit)

The economic crisis, job losses and faulty lending practices have led to an unprecedented increase in mortgage defaults. Many in our community are suffering and facing the loss of their homes and the security of their neighborhoods.

Imagine loosing your home, the most significant investment of your life and the stability of your home and family.


Join other Touro Law students and staff at a


Central Islip High School – 85 Wheeler Road, Central Islip

November 14, 2009, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

You can earn credits toward the Pro Bono Requirement while you assist homeowners who will be meeting with lawyers and housing counselors at this event. They will discuss their personal situation and be advised on the various programs that may help save their home.

Contact Lila Mester at (631) 761-7088 or LilaM@tourolaw.edu to sign up for a few hours to participate and help our community.