DANY Writing Competition

The Defense Association of New York (DANY), celebrating its 50th Anniversary, is proud to offer a writing competition for enrolled law school students. Interested students are requested to draft an original scholarly work of interest to those professionals whose focus is primarily for the defense of litigated civil cases, and whose practice consists of representing insurance companies, self-insured entities and corporate defendants, for publication in The Defendant. The Defendant is an on-line publication published by DANY and distributed to the bench, bar and insurance professionals. The article is not to exceed 2,500 words.

Articles will be accepted up until March 18, 2016, with the possibility that multiple scholarships will be awarded.

To participate in the writing competition, please e-mail your completed scholarly work to Glenn A. Kaminska at glenn.kaminska@admlaw.com.

For full application and further information please visit the link below.

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