Common Cause 2016 "Gerrymander Standard" Writing Competition

The Supreme Court has long suggested there is a limit for what is acceptable partisan gerrymandering, but like obscenity, so far the line is undefined and left to courts to know it when they see it. The Court has said that it is willing to hear constitutional challenges to partisan gerrymandering, but existing legal theories have been insufficient to empower citizens and advocates with the tools they need to overturn partisan gerrymanders in court. 

Common Cause’s 2016 “Gerrymander Standard” Writing Competition is your chance to change that.

For the second year, we invite legal and social science practitioners, scholars, and students to submit papers proposing a new definition of partisan gerrymandering or further developing an existing standard and pairing that definition with an effective legal theory to challenge unfair redistricting plans in court.

Winning authors receive:
1st Place: $5,000, 2nd place: $3,000, 3rd place: $2,000. Along with a publication in a leading academic journal. Payment of travel expenses to present papers at a national redistricting reform symposium.

Deadline: March 27, 2016.

For further information visit: http://www.commoncause.org/issues/voting-and-elections/redistricting/gerrymander-standard-writing-competition.html.

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