Attention Students: Seeking Research Study Participants

Seeking Research Study Participants
for a study of reasoning
and problem-solving in the law

Professors Sarah M. Bonner of Hunter College, CUNY, and Suzanne Darrow Kleinhaus of Touro Law Center are seeking law students to answer questionnaires about general and legal reasoning.

Ø  Am I eligible?
You are eligible if you are a full-time law student in the first, second, or nearing the end of your third year in law school.

Ø  Do I need special skills?
No. No special experience is required.

Ø  Will I be compensated or receive any direct benefit?
No. However, you will receive feedback on your general and legal reasoning skills which may help you in your learning progress.

Ø  Will my responses be confidential?
Yes. All personal identifying information will be removed from your responses before they are analyzed. Confidentiality of all participants will be protected. 

Ø  How much time will participation take?
Participation is estimated to take approximately one hour, and will be individually scheduled at a convenient time.

Ø  Whom should I contact for more information?
Ø  Please contact by email:
Professor Suzanne Darrow Kleinhaus
Director of Academic Support Programs
Touro Law Center
Email: suzanned@tourolaw.edu
Telephone: 631.761.7116

Sarah Bonner
Assistant Professor
Department of Educational Foundations and Counseling Programs
Hunter College, CUNY
Email: sbonner@hunter.cuny.edu
Telephone: 212.772.5049

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