BARBRI’s Public Interest Fellow Contest

Students can submit a video to BARBRI answering the question “Why Do I want to work for Save the Children” and the winner will secure a 1 year paid position with Saves the Children as well as a free BARBRI course.

·         The nonprofit organization: Save the Children
·         Where STC (and the job) is based: Westport, CT – the organization’s U.S. headquarters
·         What is the job: In-house counsel
·         The salary: $50,000 (one year position per the contest rules)
·         Do students have to take/pass the CT bar exam: No, because it is an in-house counsel position
·         How will the winning student get to CT: BARBRI will reimburse up to $5,000 for relocation costs
·         How will the three finalists get to STC for interviews: BARBRI will reimburse their travel costs (airfare etc.)

More information can be found at http://barbri.shycast.com/.

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