Examination Instructions - Please Read Carefully

Final exams are only one week away.  Please read the following exam instructions carefully.  These instructions will also be posted in the classrooms during exam period.  Good luck on your exams!


Exams are either closed book, restricted or open book. If closed, you may not use any materials except the exam, the exam booklets, and scrap paper. If restricted, you may use only those materials designated by the professor in the exam instructions. With closed and restricted exams, you may keep your coat on the back of your chair, and a pocketbook under your seat. Everything except coats, pocketbooks and the material specifically designated by the professor for use during the exam must be brought up to the front of the room. For open book exams, you may not use material on your computer. All information on your computer must be printed in advance and brought with you to the exam. Open book exam materials may not be shared.

You may not be in possession of any electronic device with data storage capability, unless expressly authorized by the professor for use during the exam. These devices must be shut off and put away.

Proctors will distribute exam books, scrap paper and exams. All materials must be left face down. No writing of any kind may take place until the start of the exam is announced. Computer users must start up the exam software before the exam begins. No other typing is permitted. Please do not ask the proctors for additional bluebooks before the start of an exam. If/when you need another blue book, please go to the front of the room.

You may leave the exam room only to use the bathroom. Only one student may leave the room at a time, and bathroom use should not exceed 5 minutes. When you use the bathroom you must bring all exam materials to the proctor’s desk, sign out indicating the time on the bathroom log and sign back in again, indicating the time when you return. You may not communicate with anyone while going to or from the bathroom or while in the bathroom and you must proceed to the bathroom that is closest to the examination room. Library bathrooms are always off limits during exams.

You may use only the scrap paper and exam booklets authorized for the exam. Pages may not be torn out of the booklets for any reason. Students who finish the exam early must take all of their belongings with them when they leave the exam room and may not return to the exam room for any reason until the exam is over. When time is called at the end of the exam all writing and typing must stop instantly. Students who continue to write or type after time has been called are subject to disciplinary action. If you have to write anything in your exam booklets, for example your exam number, you may only do so in front of a proctor. Computer users should complete the procedural steps necessary to upload their exams. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO UPLOAD YOUR ANSWER!

When the exam is over, all exam material must be turned in – whether used or unused. No exam related material may be removed from the exam room. You must sign out of the exam at the Proctor’s desk. Please sign legibly next to your name. You must also indicate how many exam booklets you are submitting.

A Standard English dictionary is available at the proctor’s desk. You may consult the dictionary one at a time. No notes may be taken while consulting the dictionary, although students may write down the spelling of a word.

You must wait for the Proctor’s signal to begin the exam.

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